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         We are professionals.  We have the experience to handle almost any unforeseen circumstance as compared to someone that is not a professional.   We are able to perceive anything unusual or out of the ordinary with your pets and more often than not, know how to handle it. 
        We can't speak for other pet sitters,  but we can tell you that our priority is your pet.  Not you.  Your pet comes first, second and you come in third, or, maybe fourth. 
Our references and the quality of our service speaks for itself. 
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        First of all, most pets have a hard time with change.  The fact that you are leaving, more often than not, creates anxiety, to begin with and to be put in a strange place, in additon, makes matters worse. 
        Staying in their own home & environment tends to soften the blow, so to speak.  When they see a familiar face coming in to take care and play with them throughout the day it lets them know that they have not been abandoned.
        They are sleeping in their own bed (or, very often your bed), eating their regular food and  they have your scents and smells on everything. 
        Finally, there are no health concerns.  So often we are told about  dogs coming home with something they've picked up due to exposure to other dogs.
        All of this makes for a much more relaxed trip for both you and your pets.
        "Your Pet and Me" doesn't believe in sending a stranger into your home.  There are only two people, my husband & myself, that would ever come into your home.
        "Your Pet and Me" is both  Insured and Bonded.  We will also provide you with references as to our credibility and quality of service. 
        In addition, you have greater security for your home while you're away.  We regularly check your home for any  problems, whether it's water leaks, electrical problems or anything unusual. 
        We take in your mail &/or newspapers, if you want us to, preventing strangers from knowing that no one is at home.
         Prior to taking on any new clients we will meet you for an interview.  This is a three way  interview. 
        One, we want to learn about you and your pets before we decide whether we want to take you on as a client. 
        Second, for you to learn about us before you decide whether you want us to take care of your pets. 
        Third, and most important, for your pets to decide whether they like us or not and whether they will let us in while you're away.   It has happened,  where a dog becomes so protective, while their master is gone, that they will not let anyone in the house or near them.        
        During the interview, we will set up a profile of your pet and include all of the information necessary to be able to care for you pet while you're gone.
        We write up a daily journal letting you know exactly what happened during each visit.  You will know: what time we came, when we left, what we did, was there anything out of the ordinary,  did your pet have diarrhea, and anything else that we feel you should be aware of. 
        We have an complete check list of things that we need you to do prior to your leaving.  We will review everything with you in order to make life more comfortable for your pets while you're away.  This will include information about feeding, medication (if necessary), cleaning supplies, service people (plumber, electrician, etc.) names & phone numbers and whatever else may be necessary.
        Tell us about your pets idiocincracies or anything out of the ordinary that may help us do the best job taking care of your pets.
        We require information about your Vet. and ask you to sign a release permitting us to take your pet to the Vet. in case of any illness or emergency.  However, before we do anything, we will first try to contact  you to advise and discuss  what's happening.
        Obviously the earlier the better.  But, for  daily walks, we try to fit you in at the last minute if necessary and if at all possible.  Please realize that,  if it is a last minute call for the day, there will be times that we will not be able to accommodate  you.
        For vacation or business trips.  Depending upon the time of year, or, the particular week (referring to school breaks and closings) again, the earlier the better.  There are some clients that book five and six months in advance.  We will take all the reservations on a first come first serve basis, but will not give you a definitive confirmation until three months prior to the reservation date.
Why should I hire "Your Pet and Me" instead of asking a friend
or using another pet sitter?
        Although there is an ongoing debate about every other day (EOD) cat sits, we believe that there are too many things that can go wrong within a 48 hour period.  If we take on a pet sit, we are responsible for your pet(s) and we take that responsibility very seriously.
        Yes we know there are unsociable cats that will hide under the bed and you rarely see them.  That doesn't mean that you don't have to care for them!  On the other hand, there are cats that are extremely friendly who need companionship.  We have cats that won't leave us alone when we come.  They just crave attention and want to be played with or held.
        Besides the obvious, running out of food, dumping their water, mechanical problems with feeders, getting themselves caught, or locked in something, or,  unexpected health issues can arise.  Through our affiliation with Pet Sitters International, we have read about too many unusual occurrences, over the years, that could have prevented the death of the cat had someone been there.
        Cats have sensitive systems, so if one were to be in distress for two days, a very manageable condition could quickly turn into a life threatening situation which may cause the death of your cat. 
         We will not accept that kind of responsibility.    
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Will you come late in the evening to take out our dog?

With the exception of very unusual circumstances we have found that when a dog is alone he/she doesn't need that late night potty trip. 

When no one is at home your pet is relatively inactive.  Due to the inactivity he/she doesn't have to empty his/her bladder as often and is able to go for much longer periods of time between potty trips.  this is especially true at night since they are sleeping. 

In the past seven years we have not had any problems with this arrangement.
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